Same Course Re-Enrollment Form
In an effort to avoid potential same course re-enrollment abuse, the following conditions apply.
  •  Regardless of the grade(s) earned in a course(s) previously, a student is allowed to re-enroll in the same course for a second time without conditions, unless the course is in a restricted enrollment program which requires written approval to re-enroll by the program director.
  • Regardless of the grade(s) earned in course(s) previously, a student is not allowed to re-enroll in a course for a third time unless the following conditions apply.
    • The re-enrollment request is written by the student.
    • The student has a plan for success.
  • Prerequisites for Health Sciences Programs can only be taken twice. This includes withdrawals.
  • For a student to be allowed to re-enroll in a course for a fourth time (or more) the student must make a written request and receive approval from the Vice President of Student Services, and agree in writing to pay an additional fee of $50 per contact hour. The purpose of this fee is to ensure that the student assumes the additional cost, thus freeing the local and state taxpayers from any financial contribution.

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